Digital Transformation

Clients hire The MAB Group to help them with their digital transformation. The MAB Group will define the right strategy, transformation plan, and digital technology platform to create the right digital organization.

MARKETING IS AT A TIPPING POINT. Communication as an interruption is over; now its all about engagement. To succeed, a new integrated digital ecosystem is needed and requires leadership that thinks and speaks both marketing and technology languages.

The challenges and opportunities for businesses in the digital age are enormous.The digital revolution is moving fast and spurring massive disruption and transformations in industry after industry. The disruption is especially true in the marketing industry. A recent study by Dr. Roman Friedrich found that those in consumer-focused industries, including food & beverage, consumer products, entertainment and media are at the forefront of the disruption and transformation.

To meet these challenges, successful companies are transforming their business with a the full range of digital strategies that can integrate digital into all aspects of their business. They have the dual tasks of both developing digital solutions for their clients and creating the internal digital ecosystem needed to deliver success.

According to Harvard Business Review, marketing is rapidly becoming the most technology dependent sector in business. A new type of executive has emerged at the center of the transformation—the Chief Digital Officer. Lastly, McKinsey’s marketing survey indicates 30% of respondents have a CDO. Those with CDOs indicate significantly more digital progress and success than those without.

Digital transformation is a necessity not a luxury.

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